BlitzGreek on Germanizm

Blitzkriegs were Nazi Germany’s violent surprise military attacks against its targets with overwhelming firepower and speed that left little or no options for defence.
The new victims of German neoNazism are orienting for doing the same to Germanizm: this economic-geopolitical entity and phenomenon which brought bloodshed to the world twice in the 20th century and formed the backbone of what is historically known as “Barbaric Invasions” against the Roman-Byzantine empire from the 3rd century. It was a significant influence for altering the meaning of the Greek word barbarian (“Varvaros”). It used to mean “foreigner”, “stranger” but these invasions from “foreigners” and “strangers” were of such brutal nature that gradually the word barbarian solidified in the meaning it has today; because of German tribes’ brutality and barbarism. Although they were exposed to Greek civilization through the Byzantine Empire, most of them were not eventually civilized, not even through the people they conquered (the majority of today’s Europe are barbarian-conquered Byzantine populations). What we see today is the culmination of the survived barbarism for total germanization-totalitarianism of Europe.
Germany is the most dangerous Rogue State today. Only the physical removal of Germanizm from the German society can stop today’s crisis (to the point of even renaming Germany after a time). And this can be done with Germany governed by non-Germans, like after the Second World War. This will also remove existing and covert non-German power, which uses Germans as foundations for enslaving the world. In the final analysis, those living in Germany (citizens and foreigners) will be finally liberated from any external exploitation (German and non-German) and truly live humanly.
There is no way, however, to have German population convinced to change their leaders, their current policy and dependencies. German society is crawling behind the current neoNazi leadership as it did during Hitler’s era. Like in WWII, German leadership (political, economic, Media, etc) must be externally detached and stopped from influencing the people.
The entire Germany must be de-Germanized. That was the fundamental goal of the Allied Control Council. The de-Nazification was essentially de-Germanization, that was never achieved. Today the entire world pays for the inability and inadequacy of the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union to jointly heal German society and remove the Germanizm infection from it. Nazizm was the latest symptom and it was not treated properly. We should go back and treat German society to remove the infection.
The re-activated regime in Germany has recently demonstrated its old nature once again, with the racist “economic” attack against Greece, Cyprus and the European South. The old regime of Germanizm, which uses people living in Germany, nurtured Nazism in the Second World War and its predecessors of First World War. It is now in full control of the German state, in an effort to eliminate democracy and freedom in Europe and turn the European Union into a Fourth Reich. The manufacturing of today’s “economic crisis” is the main instrument. It is the new Final Solution against south Europe and especially against Hellenism which played a decisive role in the Nazi defeat and was later betrayed by the “Allies” of that time.
The German regime is rebuilding the former Nazi Axis with countries like Austria and Finland that belonged to it and new ones like Netherlands, which created the Apartheid regime in South Africa and with a new Vichy government in Paris. Italy and Japan seem to be escaping the new Axis.
We will not enter into detail on the game that was set up against Greece, as well as Cyprus and the European south. What the “self-authorized experts and guardians of fiscal responsibility” did, was to make full use of (Siemens-controlled) Greek corrupted politicians and business figures. They presented a virtual reality situation on the Greek society, diverting attention from their actions and goals.International Media proved to be inadequate to reveal these covert actions. They even doctored statistical data to inflate deficit and the corruption, management uselessness etc of main political parties and their business handlers, who were their associates in ripping-off the wealth of the Greek people and the country.
served as one “scientific” justification for the economic and moral destruction of Greek society at first and Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus later. Two of the most crucial points, which are constantly blocked in international Media, are the huge amounts of WWII compensation which Germany owes to Greece and the second is the public demand for judicial inquiry on “who, why, how much” Greeks owe money. The latter will prove to be a huge surprise, because it will reveal that the actual Greek debt is MUCH SMALLER than presented. Greece was presented as a virtual “Debt Colony” to speed up political and civil liberties violations throughout Europe, towards a “Federalized” totalitarian “German Europe”. Greece is supposed to have borrowed money from some entities that did not have this money, but they produced it virtually, out of nowhere. Literally, this is what happened.
Essentially, the European Union and Eurozone owe Greece compensation because they failed to fulfill their obligations to Greece. When Greece entered the Eurozone, it abandoned its drachma currency and completely replaced it with the euro, as all Eurozone countries did with their currencies. Greece also delivered national sovereignty in the monetary-economics fields to the Eurozone, certainly for something in return which was never given. Greece was pushed into the euro, the country did not select its participation. Greeks did not really want the euro and did not see any real tangible benefits from the euro. The only benefit finally presented to them was that there would be “Monetary and Economic Security”, that is, if some organized groups attack Greece financially, they will face all Eurozone supporting Greece. This is EXACTLY what DID NOT happen. Germany and France with all other Eurozone countries, attacked Greece alongside with what is called “The Markets” on the grounds of the artificially created “crisis” we mentioned before. They failed in their obligations towards Greece and now have the nerve to demand that Greece should deliver more national sovereignty!
“The Markets” are essentially a composition of high level organized crime interests which now managed to control European and other governments in a focused attack against other targets: countries, economies, etc. Since the Eurozone did not honor its part of the agreement with Greece, it should compensate Greece instead of playing the role of “self-authorized expert and guardian of fiscal responsibility”. However, the German-controlled Greek governments (of Papandreou, Papadimos and now of Samaras) are incapable of raising any voice and are now collapsing. The collapse will start the new era of total control on Germanizm.
The people are already self-organizing their response without the need of government approval. The German WWII compensations are now set on another basis, for immediate German payment. The German debt to Greece reaches almost 1 trillion euros (if we take into account the interest rate). Instead of taking action to force Germany pay what it owes to Greece, another approach takes shape: Take action to have income from now on and stop the interest rate from now on, while at the same time continue the actions against Germany for the amount it owes until now. More specifically: remove legal protection on German patents, trade secrets and other legally protected property either held by German companies or individual Germans or German-based companies. The products and services based on these patents, trade secrets, etc will be produced in Greece by Greeks (preferably from the cities that were slaughtered by German Nazi troops) and sold to the Greek market without the obligation to pay fees to German individuals, companies and German-based companies holding intellectual rights. There is a perfectly ethics and moral basis for that.
The German state did not pay to Greece the money which the German occupation forces stole from Greece and the compensation from the atrocities and infrastructure destruction the Nazis did to Greece. The German state used this money to support the German educational system of Universities and other educational levels, to enhance the business and economic conditions in Germany, to foster entrepreneurship and industry and do what any government would do to grow the national economy. The German governments did this because they had money: the stolen money of occupied Greece and other countries which the Nazis brought to Germany. When children in post-war Greece were freezing in their classrooms even without shoes, because Nazi Germans took to Germany all the wealth, resources and other means, the German state was using this stolen money, wealth, resources and means to boost education and the German economy. Similarly in business when Greeks were struggling every day after the war for decent work and living, their stolen money was supporting and building German industries. A major part of the German society’s foundations were created with Greek money stolen by Nazis and kept by their successors.
The entire German economy today is totally supported on this infrastructure (academic, training, business, institutional, etc) that was created to a large extent using the stolen Greek money which Germany was supposed to pay back and never did. Greek money actually funded German growth and Greeks never got something in return. Therefore, the spirit of the previously mentioned is that Greeks will assume access to the profits they did not have for almost 60 years by using and selling products and services developed partly with their money. The German debt will not be increasing from now on (because the equivalent interest will be balanced by the income from selling such products and services) but the already existing amount will still be demanded. No permission is necessary from Berlin.
The moral and ethical foundations of this move are solid, since the victims of Nazi atrocities could me managing companies offering these products and services. The victims themselves or their children could be handling this enterprise, although any Greek citizen could be entitled to do so. The German individuals and companies can be compensated for their loss directly by the German state. The money they will (justifiably and completely ethically) loose from this Greek initiative should be paid back by the German state. Their loss will be a result of the actions of German governments and in their capacity of German citizens they will be entitled of compensation from their government.

 Images of Greek Schools after WWII

These are some sample images from Greek schools after World War II, when the country was struggling to survive after the Nazi atrocities on people and destruction of infrastructures. German denial to pay war compensations and the mandatory loan kept stolen Greek money in Germany and left Greek children in such conditions, when German schools and industry were growing with Greek money. This stolen Greek money funded the so called “German miracle”.