The oily smell of the US bugs and the role of Mr. Pagkalos in the power game

by Ioli Pieridi

Which country in the world can afford to be indifferent to 1.7 trillion dollars?

That is the value of the hydrocarbon deposits only in the Ionian and south of Crete . About the time and place of this almost shocking revelation will talk later .

Let us now look calmly at what exactly happens and why they force you waste your time with the taxation of  sheep shuts and fallow fields.

Also keep in your mind that Pangalos (of Imia and other gray areas of our recent political history) is not that naive as to let out on air that Greece bugged the U.S. ambassador to Turkey .

The game being played here is very thick and ( as rightly pointed out by Thanassis Mavridis) it overcomes us. It surpasses even those who play a role in it and still have not been able to decide whether Greece ( and Europe ) should stay in the euro or abandon it .

A debt-ridden America, which a few weeks ago flirted with bankruptcy , could not remain indifferent to an almost given prospect of Greece having hydrocarbon deposits worth well beyond the $ 2 trillion .

Neither they could stay indifferent to the looming intention of Germany managing alone ( or jointly with Russia ) the dizzying value of the Greek deposits . So the U.S. government decided to reactivate all the firepower available to show to Germany who’s the boss .

 It would not be an exaggeration to say that the bugs established on the 4th floor of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, watching Merkel’s mobile, were giving a Greek oily smell .

We repeat this so as to make it clearer: An amount which far exceeds $ 2 trillion can not leave indifferent any money raven on this planet .

So when we say that America has decided to hit its opponents on the deal, we mean it: Even the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew was sent to Mount Athos to scare the Russians and pressure Ephraim, a personal friend of Russian President Putin .

At the same time, the US triggered its traditional political friends in Greece to send the message to its rival political camp : The threat of the ruling coalition’s top politicians crossing the gates of prison, and of a resounding fall,  would come directly from the White House , which is in possession of all conversations between Samaras and Merkel as well as the hellish agreements of the Greek side with Germans regarding the ghost submarines that cost Greece over 4 billion.

The Greek government froze at the leak of the news of bugs in Merkel’s mobile. Those within and outside of Greece should get the message, have gotten it.

And to diffuse responsibilities, Mr. Pangalos took action: if the poor Greece can bug the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, why can’t Germany or France do something similar?

The precious Mr. Pangalos has once again offered his services. It’s not a coincidence Mr. Pangalos was involved both in the case of Imia, as well as the dismantling of terrorist organization November 17th (with Theodoros Pangalos retrieving the blurred figure of Alexander Giotopoulos in student hangouts of his Paris memories ) .

Groomsman to Socrates Kokkalis for whom November 17th at its famous proclamation for the Saunders assassination left innuendo in relation to the Rosenholz Archives, ( ie the Stasi Archives ), accessed by the Americans after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the access they had to the valuable information of the secret service the former East Germany.

During the “Bugs case” Mr. Militiades Evert had talked about the existence of a third Bug center in Paiania, at the premises of Intracom, beneath the offices of Mr. Socrates Kokkalis ( see newspaper PARON).

Mr. Karamanlis, based on the information available to him, believes that this is a case of foreign espionage, evolving into local spying, victimizing him.

Prokopis Pavlopoulos only yesterday referred to the Bugs issue in a way which was very scathing : it’s a pity for the predicament of the US. This great country, with such important constitutional institutions , which once affected the whole Western world and Western-style democracy. It’s a shame for the U.S. leadership to trivialize, it their behavior or in their tolerance , this great country and its people. Especially so when they have experienced the traumatic experience of other large institutional scandals like that of Watergate . They show that, unfortunately, they have not learned. Furthermore, no excuse of preventive measures against terrorism after the unspeakable tragedy of the Twin Towers can justify their subsequent methods and scope of monitoring by the NSA. Unless, the U.S. suspected of terrorism Mr. Karamanlis or Ms. A. Merkel and their Governments !