Who Covers the Big Financier of the Two Tons of Heroin of “Noor One”?

Noor One

Noor One

The definition of  the “Perfect Crime”

After the Second World War and especially after the end of the Civil War in Greece reorganized a so-called bourgeoisie, which has always maintained relations and it supported, by invisible transactions, the political system. These relations are firmly determined by the distribution of public wealth and public money from governments to industrialists and plutocrats.

And when we say “distribution”, we mean preferential treatment by the state and the government of those specific business interests and “Familias” in public procurement, government procurement, public works, telephone, electricity, weapon systems, supplies and health services, medicines etc.

Through these processes the business interests and the big “Familias” harbored politicians and political families, which in turn nourished and fed mainly with public money their specific economic contacts and  friends. This is a situation that could be the definition of vicious circle, which seemed quite durable if not invincible, because of the cunning politicians and businessmen always looked to have on their side the judiciary and the mass media. That is, apart from definition of the vicious cycle and the definition of the perfect crime.

This situation continued uninterrupted until a few years ago, namely until the government money faucet dried up, that is the economic crisis underway in recent years.

All these years we saw it all. Businessmen and politicians involved in scandals and kickbacks related to arms supplies, with major projects, with supplies of medicines and vaccines, with telecommunications media supplies (SIEMENS) and how many more !!! But unfortunately the story looks set to prove that we have not seen it all.

The Urgent Need  of the System to Raise Funds and the 50 Million Dollar Heroin of Noor One

What we mean: When the “tap” of public money dried up, the great economico-political ‘system’ that  has been established in our country, got into financial problems. Traditional methods of financing had been affected by the economic crisis and any secret funds were but crumbs compared to the enormous needs of the system. There was an urgent need to raise funds.

Let’s make a short stop here, to come back after being transferred to the tanker NOOR One, which was carrying two tons of heroin in Greece, without knowing if that was the first haulage with such deadly cargo to our country.
Research until now has shown that everyone involved in the case, those in custody by the Greek Justice, cannot afford to buy a anything of any value, let alone a tanker with two tons of heroin !

To be precise, they are persons who were financially ruined by the economic crisis and obviously some Big Financier with the economic power and ability, used them in their distress, by funding the expensive business of buying tanker market load of heroin and transport in Greece. A process that has cost an estimated total of about 50 million dollars.

Such Big Financier, which has relations with major political Families, is known to the authorities that came and went in the Shipowner’s house, where part of the consignment of Heroin transported by NOOR One was locked up, during the days that this house was under monitoringby the  prosecuting authorities, a fact which in itself does not constitute evidence of his involvement in the case.

Just to note that this Big Financier, beyond having a strong foothold in the power system through said great statesman Family and through privileged and “special” relationships developed and other senior political power echelons, has created and own “yard”, consisting of former leaders of Police, magistrates, prominent politicians jostling for little visibility in the media, which has managed to finance and acquire … for obvious reasons.

Let’s return to the first big scene. We mentioned above that we thought we had seen it all in the vicious circle of interlocking economic and political (perfect) crime in Greece. But we were wrong, because these sixty years we have never seen the involvement of such “systems” in drug trafficking and even a lethal load of heroin, which would lead to the slow death of dozens or hundreds of young people around us.

Finally, it was meant that we see also this!

The Ball in the Hands of the Political System

What remains to be seen is whether the political system as a whole and the government show the requisite courage to dismantle an organized criminal group of economic and political individuals with strong implications and ramifications in the ruling party and almost all political areas, a move that could lead to general reorganization of the political life of our country.

The signs are not encouraging, as lately there is a strange silence around this important subject, and there is information that speak about particularly close relations between top individuals of this system with senior actors of the Justice system, arriving to the point of consideration by standing or rising football teams in certain leagues. We hope the the Heroin-Dollars do not arrive until there that touts the involved “Player”, blackmailing and expecting the “hooding” of the case.

We also hope that everyone realizes that this case NOT BE WHITEWASHED and that will take down with it all who attempt this.

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